Revisit the ’70s with this exotic casserole classic, rich in flavours of the Middle East, if the Middle East grew apricots and not much else.

In this episode, Melon and Paul discover orange is the new blerk, as they take an apricot-inspired stroll down memory lane. Just be careful you don’t tread in something distasteful as they share some of their more unsavoury recollections.


If after this episode your stomach hasn’t been churned enough, why not try making this apricot delight for yourself. Your family and friends will be amazed – and possibly traumatized – when you slop it out at home.


  • 1 brown onion, quartered
  • Olive oil
  • 400g tinned apricots in natural juice
  • 800g chicken pieces, bone in
  • I packet French onion soup mix
  • Handful of dried apricots
  • About 1 cup apricot nectar, plus extra if required
  • Toasted flaked almonds, to serve (optional)
  • Rice, to serve



  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees
  1. Heat olive oil in heavy-based saucepan over medium high-heat. Brown chicken lightly until almost done, then add onion and stir until softened.
  1. Transfer to casserole dish and sprinkle over French onion soup powder.
  1. Add dried apricots, tinned apricots and enough nectar to almost cover chicken. Amount will vary according to dish size so top up with water if necessary. Take a moment to be amazed by the authentic apricotness of it all.
  1. Cover and place in oven for 1-1 ½ hours. The chicken will benefit from basting or rotating it in the liquid once or twice during cooking.
  1. Serve with rice and sprinkle with flaked almonds if you really want to impress.



The complex flavour profile of this dish just cry out for a fragrant, light-drinking white. We opted for the sacred fruitiness of De Bortoli Sacred Hill Traminer Riesling, a steal at around $5.